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Designed for everyone

Designed for anyone and everyone

If you're new to Dungeons & Dragons we make it easy to get right into a game and start learning. Experienced players; we've got you covered with professional Dungeon Masters ready to test your skills.

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Each Dungeon Master provides their own price for a seat* - we strongly encourage our community to set affordable prices depending on skill levels.

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Love combat? Enjoy roleplaying? Excited by puzzles? Our Dungeon Masters offer games of all play styles. DnD Origins makes it easy to find a D&D group that matches your play style.

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Our platform is designed to connect as quickly as possible. From joining a campaign, to signing up as a Dungeon Master, to sharing strategies using our upcoming Campaign Discussions platform - everything is easy!

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Templates are the fastest way to recreate your favourite adventures.
Descriptions, images, price, and more, are replicated.

Adventure Template

You can also create a template from an Adventure you already created.