Dungeon Master
Known as Frodo

Adventure Overview

First session: 1 January, 1970 - Thursday @

Get Prepared

This is just some fallback text so you know what this will look like.

What Frodo brings...

🎵 I have playlists of music for ambient, battle, exploring, romance, and funny soundtracks to fit all the moods. 🎭 I have Inkarnate: I create my own art of battle maps and sceneries to give visual details. 🎤 Voice acting for funny characters, mean villains, monstrous creature and more. 🎦 Skills with Theater of the Mind. 💻 Foundry VTT. 🎲 Virtual dice on FoundryVTT and you’ll be able to customize it to your liking. 📚 Shareable content in my DnDBeyond account. 🌎 A living, dynamic world to explore that reacts to your interactions. 😆 Comedy: In addition I will bring me, myself and I. Between the three of us, our presence will be our present to you.✌😊