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D&D Origins Community Discord

Our exclusive Discord community connects with players around the world. Share tactics, ideas, characters and more. There are monthly giveaways, too!


Play games anywhere. Share them with anyone. With Roll20® as your virtual tabletop, your adventures are limitless.

D&D Beyond

The best place to create a character, roll virtual dice and learn more about the ever-expanding universe of Dungeons and Dragons.

D20 Pro

D20PRO is a multi-platform, multi-player Virtual Tabletop (VTT) that takes roleplaying games from around the table to gamers around the world.

Tabletop Simulator

Create your own original games, import custom assets, automate games with scripting, set up complete RPG dungeons, manipulate the physics, create hinges & joints, and of course flip the table when you are losing the game.

Obsidian Portal

Build your campaign website with their easy to use wiki. Organize things in a way that makes sense for your game.